Hi, I'm Alex Barnfield (just in case the logo and the domain name failed to give it away), I'm from the United Kingdom, and I'm a games programmer for my sins.

I'm currently employed at THQ Digital UK as a core tech programmer working on downloadable titles including Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, and I must say, what a blast it's been... unfortunately after only a brief stay the studio is set to close, and thus this website is getting a long overdue update as I look to finding a new employer.

My primary role at THQ was creating a DirectX 10 port of the engine, however I also worked on optimisations and other general engine work"

Prior to THQ I spent two very enjoyable years at Magenta software in Liverpool doing a bit of everything, and before that two years at the ill-fated Free Radical Design working on the "secret" Lucas Arts project.

My passion for video games has been almost lifelong, and my aim to work in the games industry is almost as old.

I do my best to continue my study of Japanese and fit in a video game or two, this therefore may not be the worlds most exciting site, I'll aim to compensate for that fact with lots of pretty pictures and videos.